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Betting Shop roulette

You can play roulette at your local betting shop. These roulette machines have proved to be controversial as they offer what was previously only available in the casino. The casinos are not happy as they are much more regulated than your local high street bookmaker.

You can play more than roulette at the betting shop but by far the most popular game on these fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) is the roulette. The appeal is simple. While you are waiting for your horse race, you can place bets as low as 20p on a roulette spin. Simply put your loose change in to the machine. You collect your winnings by printing out a slip and handing it over the counter.

With the touch screen interface and sound effects the machines can become addictive. Best avoiding putting notes in the machines as thats when you can lose big. The way to play is to just put your loose change in. Accept small losses and walk away, or walk away when you win enough to cash in a note. The longer you play, the more likely you are going to go bankrupt.

You can play 20p roulette online as well. PaddyPower Bookies have a range of roulette games with bets starting at 20p. You also get a massive £150 roulette bonus to get you started. You do have to deposit £150 but the 100% match is generous.

Not only can you play roulette at PaddyPower , you can play other casino games, such as blackjack and Keno. PaddyPower offer a range of betting markets and the Irish Lottery so you need not go down the bookies again.

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